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Getting You Airborne Without Making a Fuss

If you're after that perfect aerial shot, look no further. Based in London, Flying Blind Ltd provides remote aerial filming services for a wide range of production levels. We are CAA certified commercial drone pilots with a background in directing high-end commercial video productions. We love nothing more than pulling out all the stops for the perfect shot, no matter how tricky.



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Get in touch, and we'll be happy to give you an idea of what you'll need for your job, if it's possible, how long things might take and of course how much it will cost.


Our Kit

We work mainly with smaller sized aircraft. These can fly faster than larger camera platforms, and can also get into much smaller spaces. Shooting inside a tight interior with our smaller drones is really very easy. Drone technology is moving fast, and the camera and lens quality of the smaller drones is now better than ever.


Lightweight Kit

While we don't carry the larger format cameras, we can offer 5.2K footage at 60fps to a very high standard. We can be flying in minutes with minimal fuss, and our lightweight aircraft make us easy to work around on set.